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Like Two Peas in a Pod
Quiz No. 28
December 8, 2023
1 / 10

"Jenny and me was like peas and carrots" says the title character in what '90s film?

Good Will Hunting
Jerry Maguire
Forrest Gump
Billy Madison
Even a squirrel finds a nut sometimes.
Everyone's got their off days. Today's just yours.
Time is a fickle friend.
2 / 10

How old is the porridge in the pot in the nursery rhyme "Pease Porridge Hot"?

9 days old
9 weeks old
9 months old
9 years old
Bet you feel clever now, huh?
Better brush up on those trivia skills.
Time is a fickle friend.
3 / 10

A garbanzo bean is also known by which of these names?

Here's to hoping you’re always this lucky.
I'd say I'm surprised, but I'd be lying.
Time waits for no one.
4 / 10

What friar used pea plants to conduct his experiments on heredity?

Martin Luther
Gregor Mendel
J. Green Giant
Thelonious Monk
I might have to start taking you seriously.
If only we awarded points for creativity.
Oh, too slow.
5 / 10

What U.S. president grew 15 types of English peas on his Monticello estate?

Abraham Lincoln
Richard Nixon
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
You're going places, just not past me.
You might want to rethink that strategy.
The clock has spoken.
6 / 10

What lyricist was paired with Elton John in 1967 after each answered an ad looking for new songwriters?

Roger Waters
Bernie Taupin
Robert Hunter
Oscar Hammerstein II
Okay, you've earned my begrudging respect.
On a different day, in a different quiz, that might've been right.
Time’s up.
7 / 10

"Open the pod bay doors, HAL" is a famous line from what sci-fi film?

Planet of the Apes
Blade Runner
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
2001: A Space Odyssey
Keep it up, and you might just be half as good as me.
It's okay, trivia's not for everyone.
Your answer, it seems, will remain untold.
8 / 10

Popular in Australia, what dish consists of a meat pie in thick pea soup?

Pie Floater
Witchetty Grub
Roo Soup
Gold star.
I guess not everyone can be as smart as me.
Where's a time machine when you need one?
9 / 10

John Hume and David Trimble shared the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize for their roles in ending what conflict?

Cold War
Persian Gulf War
Second Tuareg Rebellion
The Troubles
Did someone help you with that?
Did you find that answer at the bottom of a cereal box?
Looks like the sand ran out of your hourglass.
10 / 10

What 1959 Broadway musical was based on the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea"?

Once Upon a Mattress
The Sound of Music
Take Me Along
You're full of surprises today.
You know, I had faith in you... misplaced apparently.
Time’s up.
0 out of 10
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